Friday, September 9, 2011

Finding Teaching Moments Every Day

I love to watch my children learn, and most of the time those moments where I know they are discovering little bits of wisdom, are not done in a formal setting. Usually it's in our every day. I think it's important to take the time when these moment arise to talk to my children, or let them touch things, smell things, or ask about things. Sometimes these moments happen while we are driving. Sometimes its when they are helping me make dinner. Here are just a couple time in the last week that we have taken a moment to learn.

While I was out mowing the lawn I saw a little frog hoping away. We rarely see frogs, so I stopped to catch it, and then went and got my girls. They really enjoyed the frog-who they named Damion. We talked about where he came from, why he might have been in our grass, (Because our grass was REALLY long and cool that week,) and what we should do with him.
We decided that for him to be the happiest, he probably should be let go. And so after about 20 min. with us, Damion hopped back to wherever he came from.

I also think play can be a learning experience...even playing with your food!
Maggie was home during the day (while big sister was in school) and enjoying a snack. On her own she made an M-for Maggie. Then we thought it would be fun to try to make other letters out of her snack.

Learning is fun. And it is also very easy to incorporate learning into every day life. It doesn't need to be formal for you to teach your kids something wonderful!

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