Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Unit 4 Butterflies Day 1

Just a reminder that we start out each day with our "circle board." It's a circle because we sit in a circle. This has been a great way to start out the day! It gets them focused, and ready to learn. And it also teaches them about the days/months/weather/holidays etc. without having to do a until on it. We also start out with a prayer, and I think that really does help. Sometimes an idea will just pop into my head, and that will be the thing they take away and talk about all week long. So I really think the prayer helps to bring the spirit of inspiration into the room.
We started out by reviewing our upper and lower case A's and B's. I felt like they were forgetting the letter A, so I thought it needed some review. I would draw the letter on the board, and then they would tell me "Big A" or "Little B." etc. And then they would get a teddy graham. (See previous post.)
We started talking about butterflies. I asked what a butterfly looked like, and as they described it to me I drew it on the board. I had to direct them a little by saying "Does a butterfly have a head?" Then I asked what they knew about butterflies, and I wrote their answers around the butterfly. (Don't laugh at my misspelling of antenna. I don't have chalk board spell check! :) )
They colored a picture of a butterfly.
Then we took a field trip to the kitchen where we made a yummy butterfly treat!
You will need: An Apple (Half an apple for each child.)
One tootsie roll for each child.

Directions: Cut the apple in half. Cut out the seeds, making a V shape.
Microwave the tootsie roll for 10 seconds on it's wrapper.
Place the tootsie roll into the V of the Apple.
Use the crackers as wings, molding them into the softened tootsie roll.
Pop them into the freezer for a few minutes to set.
The apple is actually supposed to lay on the flat side, with the Red side up. You would make a V in the red skin. But my kids didn't want to do it that way, and who am I to argue with a 4 year old about how she wants to do her craft! :) The apple is really just to hold the butterfly steady while it sets anyway.

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