Friday, February 11, 2011

The letters G and H (Hearts and Valentines)

I don't have a whole lot to say about the letter G. I kind of just did my normal thing.

We also started H!

For H I decided to focus on hearts since it's almost valentines day. We made hand made cards for grandparents, and also their dad. (It's the tradition in our family that the dad gets his girls something and the mom gets her boys something and visa verse. We don't have there you go.)
The cards were super fun to make, and I think they are so much funner to get than a store bought card. :)

Below in the top left corner you will see the foam stickers that I bought-just at Walmart. They were fun, and some of them sparkly! -A girls favorite thing! And the girls could put them on themselves.

Then we went to work on Valentines for all of the 17 cousins that live in town. My oldest wasn't too happy about having to write her named 17 times, but it was good practice!!

(Not to mention that kindergarten screening was today, and she did EXCELLENT except that she wouldn't write her name, and told them she only knew the T. She has a little bit of trouble with her S's, and only gets them right about 50% of the time, but she does amazingly for a 4 year old I think! :) ...and she CAN write her name!)
Then the best part...assembling all of that Candy into bags!!


The letter F and Fire Safety

A lot of the time I start out by reviewing past letters. We have also been working a lot on recognizing upper and lower case letters. Here I wrote the letter on the board, and had them draw lines to the correct corresponding letter.
I introduced the letter F. We learned what it looked like, and what sound it makes. We also talked about different words that start with the letter F.

This is a cute craft that I found HERE. We also tried some "Letting the kids do their own cutting." This is an area in which I need work! :) It's scary when you have girls with beautiful red hair to let them play with scissors.

We watched this video as a family, and then talked a lot about fire safety. I lost my camera for a few days and so I didn't get pictures of this, but we basically did all of the things that they talked about in the video, where to do, what to do, how to stop drop and roll, not to hide from the firemen, etc. The girls really thought this was fun.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Letter Factory DVD

*Click the picture to go to the link*

My kids have been watching this DVD for about a week now and they love it! It's an educational video that teaches the alphabet and the sounds they make. In the week that my kids have been watching it I have noticed that they know a lot more letters than I have taught them! They also want to tell me the sound everything around the house makes! It's been really fun! I highly recommend it!


To your right I added a link to a really great site that lets you print off preschool and kindergarten worksheets for free. They have lots of topics! It's under "My Blog List." I will be using several of these in the near future! :) Happy Learning!