Friday, February 11, 2011

The letter F and Fire Safety

A lot of the time I start out by reviewing past letters. We have also been working a lot on recognizing upper and lower case letters. Here I wrote the letter on the board, and had them draw lines to the correct corresponding letter.
I introduced the letter F. We learned what it looked like, and what sound it makes. We also talked about different words that start with the letter F.

This is a cute craft that I found HERE. We also tried some "Letting the kids do their own cutting." This is an area in which I need work! :) It's scary when you have girls with beautiful red hair to let them play with scissors.

We watched this video as a family, and then talked a lot about fire safety. I lost my camera for a few days and so I didn't get pictures of this, but we basically did all of the things that they talked about in the video, where to do, what to do, how to stop drop and roll, not to hide from the firemen, etc. The girls really thought this was fun.

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