Friday, January 14, 2011


We had a lesson on teeth, and why they are important, and how we need to care for them. A lot of this was just a "Board Discussion," where I have them sit around the board with me and we discuss and draw...they seem to love it.
We talked a lot about how we can take care of our teeth. We talked about the dentist, and how "he" is a nice guy, and he wants to make sure our teeth are healthy. We talked about his equipment, and why it's not scary. I also took my girls to the computer and googled healthy teeth and diseased teeth...I tried not to scare them with the brown teeth, but I wanted them to see why we take care of our there was a purpose behind it. I think this actually worked very well, because as 3 and 4 year olds, they didn't know their teeth could turn that way if they didn't take care of them.

I found some lips online and we glued pretty white teeth inside of them. (Just small rectangular shapes of white paper.)
Then we went to the kitchen, and talked about foods that are good for our teeth, and foods that are bad for our teeth. I had paper bags with happy and sad teeth, and they had to pick the right bag.
Then we brushed our teeth! :)

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