Thursday, March 24, 2011

Very First Attempt at Reading

My oldest, who will be going into kindergarten this coming fall, has been working up to learning to read. I really didn't know how to go about this...I never thought we would get this far. I figured if she knew some of the letters and numbers before kindergarten we were good. We still have a lot to learn...specifically the lower case letters...which made this exercise kind of hard for her since the cards I had were in lowercase. But REALLY-for her first attempt EVER at reading, I think she did an amazing job!
We will keep working on it, and who knows where she will be in 5 months when school starts! :)


  1. did you get these card from your baby can read? My sister does those videos and cards. I've started with high frequency words with my little guy. You are a good mom and have way cute and smart girls. :)

  2. just watched the video. how sweet. where did you find the cards? ar says the pirate sound. it's kinda of hARd. it's an r controlled word. I haven't know really how to move past the letter sounds and on to reading, but after seeing your video I know where to go next. Thanks.

  3. No those are just flash cards I already had from when the girls were babies learning first words. I actually ordered them from usbourne books. There are pictures on the other side. They are meant to go the other the baby the picture and get them to say the word, but now I'm using them upside down for reading. :) I'm also just going to write words on index cards and let her read them that way...then I can customize them. But that's a post for another day! Lol

  4. Oh, and teaching them "ar" like a pirate is a great idea! Thanks!

    I'm making it up as I go. I didn't know how I was going to get past letter sounds to reading, but it just kind of fell into place naturally. We read a lot, and when I run into a word that I think she could read I let her sound it out.

  5. That's awesome Necha. I picked 40 high frequency words and we have a word wall at home. I put five up a month to practice. You can look up fry words on the internet. The first 100 fry words make up 60 % of the words we read most of the time. I am going to look up the Usborne cards you have I really like them! Also there are 52 sounds in the alphabet. I can send ya a copy of the cards I use at cards at school are huge on the wall but I have a small copy too. because there really are so many rules and sounds like the other r controlled, er, ur. I call them the R crazy drivers because they usually make a sound like a car swerving or screeching on it's breaks... lURch. :) Now I'm just rambling. Sorry, but keep posting your great ideas for me to steal. :)