Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mixing Colors

Before we get to colors, we made these wind socks. They were very easy! Just print out any spring time color page, I chose flowers, and have your child color it. Then staple it into a tube shape, and staple on strands of crepe paper. Easy!
And now if it would stop snowing we could put them outside! :)

I found THIS worksheet for this activity.
They look bored! lol. But they were just listening to me tell them what we were going to do.
We mixed colors together to see what they turned into, and we used our fingers because we love to get messy. :)
I just did this as an after thought. The purple was SO dark, and they said it looked like brown. So I added some white to it to show them that is was indeed purple. Then that turned into a little lesson on what white does when it is mixed to a color. I showed them how every time I added more white it got lighter and lighter.

We also learned this song about the primary colors. It is a song in our church's children's songbook. I adapted it a little for this lesson.

Our Primary Colors

Our primary colors are 1 2 3
Red, Yellow and Blue.

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  1. Cute ideas! I love the mixing colors worksheet. Have you heard of the book Mouse Paint? It's a fun book about mixing colors! :) Thanks for all the awesome ideas Necha! :)