Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Unit 2: The Letter B and Bears

We went to work on a new letter! The letter B. When I am teaching a new letter I start by drawing it on the chalk board, both upper and lower case. Then I make up a "ditty" that I use for the whole unit, for how to draw that letter. With A it was "Up and down and over." For the letter B we are using, "Down, and bump and bump." This seems to help when they are thinking through how to draw the letter.
Next we will sing the alphabet, and see where the letter falls in the alphabet. It helps if they can see the alphabet, and see the letter you are learning.
Then we will talk about the sound that the letter B makes. "Be says 'bu.'" We will try to come up with some words that make the 'bu' sound.
We did the above worksheet on the letter B, and it also had some pictures at the bottom that started with the letter B.
Since we are also learning about bears with this unit, we read the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?"
And this is a great idea that I got form my friend Linda. I had "Bobby Bear" come and talk to us about his favorite letter, which is the letter B of course! Then he took us on a little hunt around the house. I cut bear prints out of brown construction paper, and taped them in a trail around the house. At the end of the trail was a bowl of things that start with the letter B, that Bobby Bear had left for us!
A baby, bear, backpack, ball, bottle, blanket, book, bathtub, blocks, bread, etc.

The girls loved this, and loved going through the bowl to find things that start with the letter B, although I did hear a lot of "Hey! This is mine!" as we sorted through it. :)


  1. Fun! September 9th is also Teddy Bear day so having a bear theme in September is a great idea! Loved the puppet idea! :) Keep posting because I'm following. I am going to post on my family blog once a week about our preschool adventures!

  2. I love your bucket of things that start with B! You are doing a great job Necha!