Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 3 of Apples, and Big A little a

I got this amazing idea from my friend Linda. She does lap books, and so far, my kids LOVE them! All it is, is a few file folders glued together to make a book. You can really do them however you want. Each one has a theme...ours will be on the ABC's. Inside are little activities:
Apple sorting Big A's and little a's, finding the A's in the words, etc.
All of my Big A little A apples came from the same worksheet. I just made copies to make extra apples. With the extras I made the apple basket sorting as seen above in the Lap book, and also for the matching game below. The link is HERE. (Just click on "the Apple tree worksheet pdf" to download and print.)
I also did a Big A, little a matching game. It was just perfect for toddlers.
We also did an Apple Tree coloring page, which I didn't take a picture of. There are apples, with Big A's and little a's that you glue onto the tree.
We read these two books.
Then we went upstairs to make applesauce, just like in our book. This was our last day on apples.

So far pre-school is going great! The kids go around singing the "A says aaaa" song all day, and they keep telling me how much they love apples, and how they grow. After 3 days of class I think they are really learning something and getting the hang of it all!!


  1. I love everything you've done!! Some of it looks familiar. ;) hehe! I think you're doing awesome and I'm also sooo jealous! You have a classroom! I want a classroom. hehe! We use the dining room table. =o)

  2. Very cute and fun. Gets me motivated to get back to having learning time with Tralee. We did it for a week, then left for vactation, and haven't gotten back into it. You've lit the fire. I feel it burning!!!! Learning time will be back and better than ever in our house!!! Thanks for the push!