Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 2 of Apples

Today we learned how an apple tree grows...which was science. Believe it or not, that mess of a chalk board made since to the girls as we drew it.
Then the girls made their own apple trees, and watered them with rain, and gave them sunshine to grow. (And see how they wrote a "T" and an "M" in the bottom left we are working on their names as well.)
We read two books. The first was about a tree that grows apples, and how they grow, from buds, to tiny green apples, to full size red apples. Then the children pick them, and make an apple pie. The second book was another book about Johnny Appleseed.
Then we talked about all of the foods that are made from apples. (Like the pie in the book.) We found some of our "regulars" and had them as a snack. (I must say, this was VERY well received....I am learning that snacks make my kids learn twice as much!) Class lasted an hour and a half today, and it was perfect...long enough to learn something, and short enough not to loose their attention!

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