Friday, August 20, 2010

Now begins the adventure!

I am planning on sending my children to public school, but have recently been terrified now that I have realized that Tessa will turn 5 JUST before school starts in a year. She will be so young, and I just don't feel ready to let her go. That is how this whole thing has come about. In an effort to get Tessa ready for kindergarten in a year, (She is 3, about to turn 4) I feel like she needs some ready-ing, and I may as well start Maggie who is also 3, and will go to kindergarten in 2 years.

So begins the adventure. It will be fairly structured, but flexible. We will cover the basics, reading, writing, colors, shapes, math and counting, arts and crafts, science, etc. and then we will have units covering specific topics. Our first unit will be on Apples.

I know I have other blogs, and my husband thinks I am crazy for starting yet ANOTHER blog, but this blog is for me. It's to keep me on track, and give me accountability-which I need because I have a tenancy to let things slide if there is no way to track progress. That is really the only purpose for this blog. (But maybe someone else will get some fun ideas!)

And I want to thank my friend Linda who is my home schooling guru! She is totally amazing with her kids, and I appreciate all of her help! And I hope she won't mind if I steal a few ideas from her to use with my own children. :) Thanks Linda!

Home pre-school will start in 5 days! Wish us luck!

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  1. That is the main reason that I keep a blog on my homeschooling too. I need the accountability as well. :) hehe! You'll do awesome and feel free to use some of my ideas. I don't mind at all!! =o)