Friday, July 1, 2011

The 5 Senses

First, let me apologize for all of the pictures. I didn't know how to show this to you without posting a lot of pictures.
Today we learned about the 5 senses. We actually did a LOT for this activity, and it could easily be broken into more than one day.

Sight: We went outside and talked about what we could see. Then we explained it...How big is it? What color is it? etc.

Hearing: We went outside and closed our eyes and listened. Then we talked about what we heard. (Birds, an airplane, kids playing)

Smell: We smelled different things around the house. We talked about how it smelled. (sweet, bitter, stinky, etc.)

Taste: Snack time! I made a plate of different foods. (A peach, cheese, and pretzels.)

Touch: I placed several different items into a paper bag and had them close their eyes and reach into the bag. They had to feel the items and tell me what they thought they were feeling.

I made booklets in advance for them to put together. They glued in the silly face parts, and the other items. These booklets were easy to make. I just used construction paper and a glue stick. I DID have to google a 5 senses worksheet to go under the flaps on the front.

The booklets were all put together, and then they glued on the eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hands, etc.

They LOVED this, and now they have a book to read and keep!

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