Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lesson 1: Always have something prepared!

We had a great summer, and kept busy with swimming lessons, nature club, and lots of family time! I posted a tiny bit during the summer, but now we really are back in the swing of things!
We are one pupil short, bringing the head count down to one. Big sister went off to Kindergarten and is having a blast! We miss her, but preschool will be fun with just the two of us.
I actually wasn't going to do preschool until Wednesday. But when school started for Big Sister on Monday, Little Sister begged to have preschool. She wanted to learn just like her sister was doing.
So we had a make-shift lesson. I had these play dough cards sitting around. This activity is good for fine motor skills. We rolled the dough into tiny "snakes" and laid them on the card to match.

Then I also had these file folders tucked away. There are many types of file folders that you can make, and I made these years ago and found them the other day while going through my filing cabinet. I thought they would be perfect for preschool. The top one is a shoe matching game, and the bottom one is more conceptual matching. For example, the raindrops and the umbrella make a match, and the nest and the bird make a match.

HERE are some free file folder printables.
Then we worked on writing. I also made these papers about a year ago to trace their names. You can download lined paper online, but I just made mine with a ruler and a sharpie. Then I made copies.

It was a relief to have a few things on hand to throw together for a preschool lesson when I didn't have one prepared and had a 4 year old begging me to teach her. :)

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