Monday, November 8, 2010

C is for Cookie!

Again I apologize for being absent in here. We have been super busy, and then we all got really sick with the flu. So things have just been at a stand still. We are ready to start up again, and get things moving!
We started the letter C. We began with me drawing the letter C on the board, and talking about what it looked like, and what sound it made. We have a song that we sing for each letter, that tells what sound the letter makes. Then we drew a few pictures of words that started with C, and we found the letter C in each word.
Then the girls got their turn to draw the letter C on the marker board. For some reason it's so much easier to begin to write letters on a marker board rather than a piece of paper. I think it's easier to write on, so they don't have to think as hard.
Another thing that we always do when we start a new letter is to put up a piece of our alphabet train puzzle. We already have the whole alphabet around the room, but having a progressive alphabet helps us to see where we are, and what we have learned.
Then we watched a video on youtube. (See it below.) The girls thought it was SO funny, and sung it for the whole rest of the day. It is Cookie Monster singing "C is for Cookie." So then we went to the kitchen and made cookies.

This recipe is SO GOOD, and so easy! They are pumpkin cookies, and all you need is:
One spice cake mix
One 15 oz can on Pumpkin
1 1/2 cups of Chocolate chips

Mix it all together. Drop it in spoonful onto a baking sheet. (It will be sticky and gooey.) Bake at 350 for 10-14 min. depending on how big you make them. They are gooey and just awesome! I love to make them fairly small because then you can eat more! :) And they don't take as long to cook...and I can't wait for them to make it out of the oven.

(Thank you Juli for the recipe!)
While the cookies baked we colored pictures of Cookie Monster.
I wanted to recreate the picture...with my own little cookie monsters eating cookies and milk with a straw. I had these fun chocolate milk straws, that magically make your milk chocolate as it comes through the straw. You can buy them at Walmart.


Here is the Cookie Monster Video:

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