Tuesday, November 2, 2010


First let me apologize for my absence! Things have been really busy at our house, and preschool had to be pushed to the back burner for a few weeks. We are starting up again this week.

The last few weeks we have been talking a lot about Fall, and the changing of the seasons. We did this craft:
You will need one sheet of white paper (per child.)
One sheet of brown paper (per child.)
Cut out leaves in fall colors (I got mine from my step mom who is a school teacher. But I think you can also buy them at craft stores already cut out. If not, it would be fun to cut them out by hand.)

Help the child trace their hand and arm on the brown paper. This will be the tree. Glue the tree onto the white paper. Then glue on the leaves.
Let your child glue them on how they wish. One of mine wanted the leaves to all still be on the tree, and the other one wanted them to be falling all around.

We read this VERY cute book about a mouse who jumps in the leaves. It was perfect because we had JUST returned from jumping in the leaves ourselves, and the mouse did everything in the leaves that we had done, such as hiding in them, and jumping in them, etc.
Happy Fall!

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  1. Love this idea. I also did a fall preschool lesson today. I'll blog about it if ya want to check it out. I'm so using your idea tomorrow.