Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Lesson

We started out by making "Hand Turkeys." You can do it with just one tracing of a hand, and then the thumb is the head of the turkey. (I am sure you all did that in grade school.) Or you can make several hands and a turkey body, shaped somewhat like a tear drop, and then glue the hands on the back like we did here.
Construction paper is a mommy home-schooler's best friend.
We did THIS worksheet.
We actually did this very first...with Circle Time. I drew the Mayflower and the stick people pilgrims and Indians, and I told the story as I drew it.
Then I found these SUPER CUTE printables online. Just darling! It was a lot of cutting for me to cut them out, but then the kids helped me assemble them. They were a big hit...not to mention I can use them as table decor for Thanksgiving. win win! Links are below.
Pilgrims and Indians




Then we watched "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving." We own it, and watch it every year, but I am sure you could find it at the library. Very Cute...and I love the second part on the DVD about the Mayflower. It tells the whole story of The first Thanksgiving, with real facts. They tell the date, and how many people were on the boat, and how many died, and how the Indians found them etc. It's a really good cartoon.

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  1. I made that turkey with my little guy. You can trace your child's shoe for the turkey body. I've posted some preschool things on my blog and plan on posting more as soon as my little one lets me set him down. I'm typing this with one hand. lol love your preschool ideas.